L’The Gold Company of the Vesuvian Landswas born, around 2011 in the Old Market area IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF SOMMA VESUVIANA ONE OF THE MUNICIPALITIES OF THE VESUVIO NATIONAL PARK, from the passion and love for tradition and for the eco-sustainable agriculture of the owner, Salvatore Di Sarno.

His goal is to bring on the tables of his customers, healthy and genuine products, collected according to the traditional methods of Campania and transformed into tasty foods and rich flavors of the earth.

For more than ten years Di Sarno has been the manager of a fruit and vegetable shop, hence the idea of ​​opening a farm and personally cultivating its products to offer all the genuineness of vegetables and fruits grown according to the method of the "integrated pest", which uses the most natural possible systems against pests, reducing the use of pesticides in favor of biological methods.

Thanks to this choice, the products grow naturally and can be consumed without the risk of bringing on our table chemicals that are harmful to our health.

Moving from the management of a store to his own production, Salvatore Di Sarno has managed to cut the brokerage costs and offer directly to its customers products of the highest quality at very attractive prices.

The activity ofThe Gold Company of the Vesuvian Lands in Naples it revolves around the cultivation of some small plots of land, a few meters from the excavations of the villa "augustea", where the owner is concerned with keeping alive the local agricultural tradition.

Using modern cultivation techniques, together with ancient methods of conservation like that for the typical Vesuvio tomatoes, also called "O Piennolo", this company takes care of carefully selecting all its products and offering only the best quality to the whole customers.

Turning for festivals and fairs, or selling directly from home, Salvatore di Sarno brings the best of his production on the tables of all Italians.

Among the best preserves available from the company, the most conspicuous part is made up of cherry tomatoes, but it is also possible to find wines, among which the Catalansca grapes recognized as Igt (Typical geographical indication); Vesuvian crisommole (apricots of the Pellechiella variety); friarielli sauteed in oil; grilled artichokes and aubergines; pleorotus mushrooms; broccoli; peppers and zucchini.

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Production of preserves and jams with a unique and genuine taste.

The skilled farmers of the Azienda Agricola L'Oro of the Vesuvian Lands in Naples devote all their attention and their love for nature to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables according to biological methods and cultivation techniques aimed at guaranteeing healthy and natural growth. In this way, the goal is to offer only the best to those who want to buy a product made with safe ingredients and carefully checked. Let ripen in plant and then collected, each ingredient is grown respecting the environment and the Earth, to allow those who want to follow a healthy lifestyle to feed in a simple and natural. In the vast assortment of wines and preserves proposed by the company you will find the best of Campania production, each fruit of the earth is carefully selected and treated with the utmost dedication to create healthy and genuine products, able to meet any palate and fully satisfy the taste of all customers. Traditional farming techniques, carried out with care for a very long time, combine with the passion for nature and authentic flavors, giving a unique and incredibly natural taste to all those who purchase these items. The love for the land and the environment, the desire to offer only fresh and cultivated products according to the "integrated pest management" methods, and a production focused on respect and care of the consumer has led this company to stand out on the market, becoming for all its customers synonymous with high quality and trust.

Born from the passion of love for the land and its fruits, L'Oro delle Terre Vesuviane aims to carry on a rich tradition of healthy and natural land cultivation. Her production of preserves in Naples has managed to establish itself on the local market, in fairs and festivals, thanks to natural and authentic flavors and aromas proposed at a really advantageous price. Synonymous with quality and reliability for all its customers, this farm has a vast assortment of preserves and ingredients in oil. Do not miss the "O Piennolo" cherry tomatoes, made according to the tradition of Campania, but you can also find fantastic lemon and orange marmalades, grilled aubergines, barbecued grilled artichokes, barbecued pleorotus mushrooms, broad slice aubergines, fillet of aubergines, dried tomato ciro and sautéed broccoli. In short, an assortment of items grown and made with all the passion for nature and the genuineness of good food, carefully selected and guaranteed by the highest quality. Characterized by authentic flavors and aromas, typical of the Vesuvian lands, and by the naturalness of "integrated pest" natural cultivation, where the use of plant protection products is replaced by biological methods aimed at protecting the consumer from harmful pesticides and chemical elements.


The entire production of preserves in Naples  dell'Oro delle Terre Vesuviane is made with ingredients grown on the local territory, km 0, and in full respect of the environment. The expert farmers of the farm cultivate many types of fruit and vegetables in leaf, stem, fruit and roots; and their best productions include artichokes, grapes, oranges, lemons and the very special DOP-certified Vesuvio cherry tomato. The tomatoes of Vesuvius, also called "O Piennolo" is one of the most ancient and typical products of Campania agriculture. The aspect that characterizes this variety of tomatoes is the ancient practice of conservation "al piennolo", a technique that provides the binding in clusters of ripe tomatoes, forming a large bunch that is then suspended in ventilated rooms, walls or ceiling , ensuring optimal conservation of the precious harvest until the end of winter. Over the months, passed hanging in clusters, the tomatoes take on a peculiar and delicious flavor, appreciated especially for the preparation of delicious and delicious sauces. Thanks to this "piennolo" preservation system, which favors a slow maturation, the tomato remains very long, with the consequent possibility of consuming the "natural" product until the following spring. The shape of the Vesuvio cherry tomato resembles that of cherries, it is very similar to the cherry tomatoes but it is differentiated by its lively and intense flavor, and for some aesthetic peculiarities, in particular they are oval or slightly pruniform fruits with pointed apex. The Piennolo cherry tomato can be kept in bunches or eaten in cans afterwards.

Every single product used for the production of preserves in Naples  it is cultivated with love and passion, respecting the nature and the environment that surrounds us. The company's goal is to offer all the genuineness and freshness of healthy ingredients and authentic taste, transformed into preserves according to the main rules to preserve their organoleptic properties. Synonymous with reliability and high quality, L'Oro delle Terre Vesuviane offers its customers only the best of their production, bringing on the tables of Italian flavors and aromas typical of the lands of Campania. Exquisite and unique and inimitable taste, the vegetables and fruits offered in oil or in the form of jams and past will help you create tasty and genuine dishes, allowing you to protect your body from the risk of ingesting harmful pesticides and chemicals. A farm that boasts a 0 km production, cultivated according to the "integrated pest management" method, rich in intense flavors and able to awaken in you a love for nature and simplicity.

For more information on products sold by the L'Oro delle Vesuviane farm you can visit the Contact section and fill out the form or send an email. The owner or staff of the company, always friendly and helpful, will answer all your questions explaining the characteristics of their products. You can also keep up-to-date on the wide variety of articles offered through their social channels, where through videos of their crops, you can see with your own eyes the goodness and genuineness of their agricultural methods and all their goods.

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